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What You Need To Know Before Using CBD Oil in Pregnancy

4 min read
cbd oil in pregnancy

What You Need To Know Before Using CBD Oil in Pregnancy

4 min read

Morning sickness is one of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy. Despite the name, morning sickness can actually strike at any time of the day or night.

Mild forms of morning sickness can be unpleasant and inconvenient, while more extreme forms can lead to dehydration and require hospital treatment

CBD oil in pregnancy

To help tackle this common symptom, some expectant mothers are wondering if CBD oil could provide the answer.

CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp, which is a strain of cannabis that is naturally low in THC and high in CBD

While THC is responsible for the “high” in cannabis, CBD is thought to have beneficial properties.

CBD supports the endocannabinoid system, but there isn’t enough evidence to determine if CBD oil in pregnancy is safe or advisable.

Most organisations do not recommend CBD during pregnancy due to a lack of information.

What's in this Guide?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a fast-growing market

By 2024, the global value of the CBD market is expected to hit $20bn. These three letters are cropping up in more and more places. CBD is now added to drinks, bath bombs and even skincare products.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is a cannabinoid. It is extracted from industrial hemp plants, which are a not-too-distant relative of the cannabis plant

The key distinction is that CBD products should not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive compound responsible for getting cannabis users “high”.

So, what exactly does CBD do

It interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining a state of homeostasis, or balance. 

It is involved with the maintenance of a range of bodily functions, including appetite, metabolism, pain response, immune response, mood and sleep patterns.

CBD supports the endocannabinoid system by inhibiting the release of an enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the endocannabinoids that are produced in our bodies. 

By making more endocannabinoids available, the system can work more efficiently.

Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil In Pregnancy?

Ask any doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist or OB-GYN and they will be very reluctant to recommend CBD during pregnancy

There just isn’t enough information to know how it could impact the unborn baby.

CBD products are not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women as we don’t yet know the impact cannabinoids could have on a child’s development. At present, we only have details from mice studies into the use of CBD in pregnancy.

The research found that mice suffered adverse effects when given CBD during pregnancy. The CBD has a lasting impact on their offspring, even well into adulthood

There have been no human trials of CBD oil in pregnancy.

Is it safe to use CBD oil in pregnancy
As with anything, but especially during pregnancy, it is best to do things only with the approval of medical professionals

Can CBD Harm Fertility?

Again, it’s difficult to say with confidence if CBD can help or harm fertility. At the moment, we just don’t know enough about the impact of CBD on the human reproductive system.

One study in mice found that anandamide inhibited the development of an embryo. CBD is thought to boost anandamide levels by inhibiting the production of an enzyme that breaks it down after use. 

This has led some to suggest that individuals also avoid using CBD while trying to conceive.

It’s also worth remembering that high doses of CBD may stay in your system for up to 15 days. So even if you decide to stop taking CBD once you have a positive pregnancy test, there is a chance the foetus will have already been exposed to CBD.

can CBD oil harm fertility
CBD oil can improve your general wellbeing, which may in turn actually increase your fertility

Does CBD Oil Help With Nausea When Pregnant?

While some people do turn to CBD to help manage nausea, it is not recommended for the treatment of morning sickness

There are other treatment options available that are known to be safe and recommended during pregnancy.

Natural methods to help control nausea include the use of ginger and peppermint. These natural remedies are thought to soothe the stomach and help to alleviate nausea

If these natural remedies don’t work, a trip to your GP or pharmacist may offer further solutions.

Does CBD Pass Through The Placenta?

Sublingual CBD oil drops are designed to pass directly into the bloodstream

Since the mother shares a blood supply with the infant through the placenta, we can assume that CBD can pass through the placenta.

At the moment, there is no information available about how this would happen and if it could harm the baby

In the absence of information, it is always better to be safe and to avoid CBD during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

can cbd oil pass through the placenta
Because people carrying a child share a blood supply with the fetus, there are a number of things you are advised against during pregnancy

Can I Use CBD Skin Treatments While Pregnant?

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not CBD from a cream or lotion can make its way into the bloodstream. Animal studies have shown that a CBD transdermal gel is capable of making its way into the bloodstream. 

However, this is a very different product from your CBD face cream. It’s also worth checking if your skin creams contain CBD (cannabidiol) or just hemp seed oil

If it only contains hemp seed oil, you can probably continue using this during pregnancy. 

What Can I Use Instead Of CBD Oil?

Focus on getting the right vitamins and minerals by taking a supplement specifically designed for pregnancy

You can also focus on eating a healthy and varied diet filled with whole foods. 

And finally, regular exercise is also good for taking control of your health throughout pregnancy. 

Low-impact exercise like swimming or yoga is great for getting in some cardio and maintaining flexibility.

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