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CBD Oil vs Turmeric: What if We Mix Them?

7 min read
CBD oil vs turmeric

CBD Oil vs Turmeric: What if We Mix Them?

7 min read
Turmeric has long been used by healers and natural health fans – but how does it compare to CBD oil? And why do we combine the two? Find out below.

Although CBD oil has been used by healers for some years, it has only recently taken off in the health and wellness industry

It has been rediscovered due to its benefits for restoring and balancing the body’s natural processes.

You may already use CBD for enhancing wellbeing and a balanced mind and body.

CBD oil vs turmeric

Another popular natural remedy that has been around for centuries is turmeric

Turmeric is often associated with being a colourful and versatile spice, yet it offers multiple benefits for wellness

Some of which are quite similar to CBD oil. 

Separately, CBD oil and turmeric have their own balancing and restorative benefits. 

But what’s the difference between CBD oil vs turmeric?

Today you will discover:

  • What the differences are between CBD oil and turmeric
  • The pros of CBD oil vs turmeric
  • What happens if you combine CBD oil and turmeric  

Let’s take a closer look at CBD oil and turmeric, their differences, and their benefits. 

What's in this Guide?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is derived directly from the cannabis plant. Although many people associate cannabis as a drug that makes you “high”, the CBD compound is not the cause.

THC, scientifically named Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the sister compound to CBD, which is the cause of the “high” effect. The two are not to be confused because they have different laws placed on them and offer different effects on your body.

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CBD is a cannabinoid, one of many found in the cannabis plant. Instead of resulting in psychoactive effects, CBD offers consumers multiple benefits for rebalancing the body’s natural processes.

It does not produce significant changes in the body. Instead, it works to promote wellbeing and general wellness

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The compound works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Both the body and CBD have cannabinoid receptors. 

When in contact with one another, they can coordinate and balance the homeostatic processes within the body, such as mood and appetite.

The active compound helps the endocannabinoid work effectively. 

If you feel an imbalance within your body, such as a low mood or loss of wellness, you can use CBD oil directly on the skin or sublingually to restore the balance.  

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric is a common spice. Its orange colour and earthy flavour are extremely popular in curry dishes. 

The spice is derived from a plant in the ginger family. It is found in warm Southeast Asian countries, primarily India.

As well as being used to spice up dishes, it is commonly appreciated for its benefits when used in traditional medicines. The main active compound in turmeric, curcumin, is the principal curcuminoid and the reason for its numerous wellness benefits. 

When harvested from the plant’s rhizomes, turmeric is ground into a fine powder. This powder is what people use to support health and wellbeing

One of the most traditional types of medicine that turmeric powder is used in is Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicine is used in India for treating various health concerns.

Today, turmeric has been renowned for more uses and health benefits. It is often consumed as a dietary supplement to promote health and wellbeing.

What is turmeric
It's difficult to get the benefits of turmeric in a meal because you need so much of it to have any effects - but turmeric supplements are popular

What Are The Pros of CBD Oil?

CBD interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which controls multiple areas of the body such as the skin and immune system, boasts many health benefits

It is often used for its restorative and wellbeing benefits, which can help with mood and other homeostasis imbalances

More on that to follow… 

CBD is useful for balancing the body’s processes

When applied directly to the skin or taken orally, CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system and causes an interaction in the cannabinoid receptors. 

While the cannabinoid receptors are active, they help rebalance the mind and body processes

An imbalance can cause several medical issues. 

For instance, due to the close connection with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, CBD works when applied to the skin or taken orally. The receptors sit close to the surface of the skin as well as within the body. 

You can use CBD either way for it to interact with the receptors and promote balance

CBD oil may help to improve mood

From its relaxant effect, using CBD for improving mood and reducing stress is also a popular choice. 

CBD can promote calm and a sense of wellbeing, which helps encourage wellness within the mind and body. 

CBD could help bring harmony within the skin

CBD oil is becoming more and more prevalent in the skincare and wellness industry. It can be found in various skincare products, from lotions and oils to soaps and balms.

When applied directly to the skin, CBD oil interacts with the cannabinoid receptors on the surface. This interaction helps to rebalance the skin. Similar to how CBD works for the mind, it can help promote calm and balance within the skin.

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CBD promotes mindfulness

Seeing as CBD oil can have positive effects on the endocannabinoid system and the brain, it may promote mindfulness and a greater sense of wellbeing

Alongside a healthy lifestyle, CBD can help revive balance and mindfulness and offer therapeutic benefits. In turn, this can help relieve tension from the mind.

CBD vs turmeric
Both are great for pain relief, which is why our pain relieving CBD oil has added turmeric extract

What Are The Pros of Turmeric?

Turmeric has a whole load of health benefits and pros of its own. For a natural spice, it has a lot of power. 

Here is a list of benefits – some of which are very similar to CBD oil yet work in a different way:

Turmeric is a completely natural supplement

Turmeric’s main active compound curcumin is the powerhouse here. Curcumin works with the nervous system to restore balance and modulate external stressors.

Due to its completely natural ingredients, it is a safe option for those looking to relieve stress and restore balance.

It has been used for thousands of years by healers

It is believed that mood can have a significant impact on the body and its overall wellbeing. 

Turmeric is a natural agent that has been used for centuries for its properties for encouraging wellbeing. 

Inexpensive and accessible

Due to turmeric being readily available across the world, due to it being around for centuries and used in food, it is easily accessible

It is also an inexpensive product due to it being a cheap ingredient to harvest. This makes it ideal for those who want to reap its benefits.

Research suggests it is beneficial for general health and wellbeing

Curcumin is useful for healthy brain and body functioning. It plays a role in balancing general health and wellbeing. 

Seeing as it is completely natural and inexpensive, it is a good option for those looking to restore wellness and harmony within the body

This helps to maintain good health and stabilise the body’s natural processes. 

What are the pros of turmeric
Adding turmeric to a meal isn't enough to achieve any of the benefits it offers

What Are The Main Differences Between CBD Oil vs Turmeric?

Although CBD oil and turmeric show to have similar benefits, there are some differences between the two.

CBD may better a better mood stabiliser

CBD oil is commonly used to reduce the impact of tension, due to its calming effects. 

Thus, CBD may help improve mood more effectively than turmeric.

Turmeric provides more nutritional properties

Regarding health issues caused by a lack of nutrition, turmeric may be a better option over CBD. 

Turmeric is typically used for health troubles due to its nutritional properties, which is greater than that of CBD

Unfortunately, the amount of turmeric you would need to receive any benefits it may offer is too much than is typically added to a meal – so many people have to choose capsule supplements instead.

CBD may offer better bioavailability

Although turmeric is effective for restoring balance and general wellness, it may be counteracted by its poor bioavailability

Turmeric may have poorer absorption rates, can be chemically unstable, and be rapidly eliminated from the digestive system. 

In contrast, CBD is easier to absorb and stay in the system longer when taken orally in higher concentrations.

CBD oil and turmeric combined
Research has found they work in synergy to create stronger effects overall - much like other cannabinoids and terpenes in broad-spectrum CBD oil

Can You Combine CBD Oil And Turmeric?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be talking about CBD oil vs turmeric, and instead should look at CBD oil and turmeric.

CBD oil and turmeric have many similarities. Both are derived from natural plants and can be used in various ways to restore a healthy balance of general wellness within the body.

CBD and turmeric may both have the potential to help restore wellbeing and wellness, which can help mitigate health problems caused by an imbalance in the body.

CBD oil and turmeric can be used in similar ways through consumable products. This includes oils, gummies, tinctures, vapes, food, and drink.

There are CBD oils that contain turmeric available, which are best used sublingually for quicker effects. This method entails placing a few drops under the tongue then swallowing or rubbing the reminder on the inside of the cheeks. 

The turmeric and CBD bioavailability will differ depending on how the product is consumed.

Can you combine CBD oil and turmeric
It can be difficult to get enough turmeric into your diet to notice any effects - so turmeric and CBD supplements are perfect

In summary…

It is right to say that CBD oil and turmeric have similar health perks. Both are natural sources that can be used for restoring balance and wellbeing to the body and to the mind.

CBD may be a better option due to its better bioavailability

Depending on the health effects you are looking for, both may prove useful. Or, individual products may be better. Both are safe for daily use and are ideal for promoting general wellness.

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