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Does CBD Oil Affect Your Appetite?

5 min read
Does CBD oil affect your appetite

Does CBD Oil Affect Your Appetite?

5 min read

CBD research is still in its infancy, but we’re learning new things all the time. 

Since smoking cannabis leads to a spike in appetite, many wonder if CBD oil could have a similar effect.

And those interested in using CBD as a method to lose weight are interested to learn if CBD could do the opposite

Does CBD oil affect your appetite

Since CBD doesn’t work the same way as THC, could it work as an appetite suppressant to help those trying to lose weight?

How does CBD oil affect your appetite?

Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment will often turn to medical cannabis as a way to stimulate their appetite. Nausea during treatment can make it difficult to eat, but cannabis can help patients by triggering food cravings

Most people know this as “the munchies”.

We know that THC binds with endocannabinoid receptors and interrupts messages between cells. 

This often leads to incorrect signals, including a spike in appetite, even if the individual has just eaten.

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So, does CBD work in a similar way

Or does CBD offer more promise as an appetite suppressant

First, we need to understand how appetite works and how CBD might interact with this vital system.

What's in this Guide?

What Triggers Appetite?

Our appetite is controlled by the brain. Since eating enough food at the right times is essential for survival, our brains take control of ensuring we get enough nutrients.

Cravings for certain foods can be a signal from the body that it has a deficiency. Appetite is different to hunger because it is a chemical response in the brain. 

Hunger is a physiological response that happens due to biological changes when we need to conserve energy levels.

The brain releases chemicals that act on certain neurotransmitters to tell us that we’re hungry and to push us in the direction of particular foods. 

For example, if your blood sugar is low, you might crave sweet or high-carb foods like chocolate or doughnuts.

Certain conditions will suppress the appetite. For example, if you’re nervous or afraid, you might not feel like eating anything. 

In contrast, emotional stress might lead you to seek out comfort from food.

Environmental factors will also have an impact on your appetite. For example, if there’s a bad smell in the air, you might feel you lose your appetite fairly quickly.

When you’re hungry, your stomach releases a hormone called ghrelin to signal that you need to eat something. 

Ghrelin is the appetite booster and lets your brain know it’s time to eat. 

However, once you’ve eaten, your stomach slows down ghrelin production until the next meal.

Could CBD Oil Increase Your Appetite?

The endocannabinoid system has recently been revealed to be involved in appetite control. 

But unlike THC, which can stimulate appetite, it is thought that CBD might function as an appetite suppressant.

CB1 receptors are thought to be responsible for appetite stimulation. In 2006, a selective CB1 receptor blocker was approved for use as an anti obestity drug

By blocking the receptors entirely, patients found it easier to stick to their diet.

Unfortunately, this drug led to some adverse side effects, including depression and mood alterations

We now know that blocking the receptors impacts more than just appetite.

With this in mind, some are wondering if CBD products might be enough to suppress appetite and help individuals to reach their weight loss goals

At the moment, we don’t have enough evidence to support this. 

CBD may be effective for controlling appetite and keeping cravings at bay, but we don’t yet know the ideal dosage, how often to take it, or how quickly it gets to work. 

Instead, we recommend using CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Interestingly, one of the widely accepted side effects of taking CBD oil is a reduction in appetite. 

However, this experience isn’t the same for everyone.

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Can CBD oil increase your appetite
CBD is not the same as THC, so it doesn't give you the munchies

Does CBD Help with Cravings?

There are no studies available to confirm if CBD can help with cravings

If you are struggling with cravings, it’s often helpful to think about the source of the craving.

Do you have intense cravings when you emotional or stressed? Or do you have strange cravings for particular types of food

If your cravings aren’t linked to emotional eating, it could be that you are having cravings because you have a deficiency.

Taking a daily supplement or trying to identify the source of your cravings may be beneficial.

By identifying your deficiency, you may be able to keep future cravings under control. 

Does CBD oil help cravings
CBD is best thought of as a way to maintain healthy lifestyle choices - rather than as an appetite suppressant

How to Use CBD as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Instead of thinking of CBD as a cure for any particular condition, we prefer to think of it as an accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle. We know that a varied diet, exercise and getting plenty of sleep are all important for health, and CBD oil can help.

CBD can’t make you choose better items at mealtimes, nor can it make you go to bed earlier. 

But it can help you to establish a routine and support your endocannabinoid system as it strives to find balance.

Taking CBD is the ideal way to kickstart a healthy new lifestyle. It is also the ideal addition to a meditation routine. 

When taking cbd it helps to be more mindful and aware of your body and how you are feeling. 

With this in mind, it can be the ideal addition to your lifestyle as you attempt to take control of emotional eating habits

You’ll be more in turn with your body so you can recognise the signs of stress.

How do you use CBD oil
Whichever method you choose is up to you, as long as you're informed about the benefits and drawbacks to each

Is CBD addictive?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that CBD is addictive. Provided your CBD oil does not contain high levels of THC, you should not have to worry about becoming addicted to CBD.

This means you will not have cravings for CBD and you will not find you are relying on it for anything, including suppressing your appetite

If you stop taking CBD, you should not notice any physiological side effects.

Are there any side effects to CBD?

Any side effects you experinece are likely to be very short-lived and mild. 

This could include a dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, and a reduced appetite.

We recommend paying close attention to how the CBD makes you feel so you can determine the ideal strength and dosage schedule

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